Vintage Rolex – Three Great Pieces To Purchase – GMT – Daytona – Explorer

On this episode we continue our vintage Rolex discussion with three hand picked pieces that would make a great addition to any collection. We choose a Rolex 1016 Explorer, and 16520 Zenith “Patrizzi” Daytona, and finally a gorgeous 1675 GMT Master “Pepsi”. We talk about what makes these watches desirable to collectors and why you

How To Buy A Rolex, Save Thousands & Make Money

On this episode we discuss purchasing Rolex watches and how to make value propostion purchases by doing so. Currently there are some very strong opportunities within the pre-owned Rolex market. These timepieces are only going to increase in value, even if you wear them day to day!

New Seiko Marine Master 300 – New Colors Available Soon!

It’s been confirmed that Seiko will be releasing three new and improved versions of the much loved SBDX017 Marine Master 300.  It is unknown at this time if these will be JDM – Japanese Domestic Models only, or released world wide. The new versions will feature significant improvements including a ceramic bezel with lume and