New Seiko Marine Master 300 – New Colors Available Soon!

It’s been confirmed that Seiko will be releasing three new and improved versions of the much loved SBDX017 Marine Master 300.  It is unknown at this time if these will be JDM – Japanese Domestic Models only, or released world wide. The new versions will feature significant improvements including a ceramic bezel with lume and a sapphire crystal.  The watches will be designated SLA02J1 (black), SLA023J1 (blue), and SLA027, which is a Zimbe special edition.  They will reportedly sell for the same price as the current SLA019. The monoblock case remains as does the 26 jewel – high beat 8L35 movement, oyster style bracelet with adjustable clasp for incremental size changes and the dial. Upgrades will include a flat sapphire crystal, new blend of lume, a ceramic bezel insert with lume (from 12 to 20 min marks only), and a controversial change in dial text.  Gone is the “Marine Master” name, replaced by the “X” Prospex logo. The bezel itself is also slightly thicker, likely to allow for the new Sapphire crystal. There is also a blue version, SLA023J1, that will be released at the same time, with the same features. In addition there is a “Zimbe” version that will be released in very limited quantities for the asian market.  Seiko has designated this watch SLA027, production will be limited to 428 pieces. Finally, Seiko is also releasing a new color way on the new SBDC061-063 series which was released at Baselworld 2018 as this year’s “reinterpretation” models of the vaunted 6159 300 meter dive watch first release in 1968.  All indications are that it will remain the same, except for the color changes.  This watch has been designated the “Great Blue Hole” special edition – SPB083J1. This is exciting news for Seiko dive watch fans, I think the new blue color way (SLA023J1) will be very popular and hope that Seiko does not limit production on it. Thank you to @det.briscoe for granting permission to share these photos.  Please give him a follow on Instagram and check out his YouTube page for reviews.

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